March 2021 Update from Alan and Meghan

 Meghan and Alan  officially finished their time with INF on Sunday 14th March (as per Megan's work permit) and are now on tourist visas until April 23rd when we will fly back to the UK.

  • Their new role will be a wider one of supporting partner organisations of BMS across Asia.
  • They are now in serious discussions with a BMS partner in Katmandhu who is prepared to give them flexibility to reach out in the wider role of partner support.

Prayer requests:
In these days, we are thankful:
- For the lovely farewells we have had so far.
- For our potential new home and that the timing of it being empty and ready for us is perfect.
- Flights to UK are booked and we can see Carl and family again soon and hopefully be there when their third child enters the world in July.
But we value prayer:
- For emotional strength with ongoing farewells, especially saying goodbye to the family downstairs    here in Pokhara (our landlord, wife and 2 sons).
- For wisdom as we pack and that we can get everything ready in timely manner
- That the covid-related lockdown that is being spoken about here in Nepal will not affect our ability to move and settle.
- That the situation in UK will allow us to meet more people during this coming stay.
- That we will be able to visit our daughter and son-in-law in South Korea on our way back to Nepal in August and meet their new son (due August 1)
- That we will somehow be able to meet up with our other son and family in Vietnam sometime soon.
Thank you as always for your love and support. With our love and prayers for all of you too in these strange times of separation and uncertainty.

Cathy Finch, 09/04/2021