Outreach and Mission update: May 2021

Girl Guides
Link: Ramona Chenery
News in brief:
  • Unfortunately the restrictions are still so tight we would not be able to run any indoor face to face meetings until the outcome of June’s unlocking is revealed and outdoor meetings would also be more restrictive than we first thought. To that end we have decided not to resume in the near future and likely not before September. Disappointing but necessary to ensure that the Guides get the most from the experience. At present the Girl Guiding rules are such even siblings would need to be 2m apart. So restrictive it would not be Guiding as we know it and I think we all decided to await government guidance and Girl Guiding updates that allowed us more freedom.
Falconer Trust
Link: Neil Starling
News in brief:
  • Simon is continuing to recover.
  • Work is continuing on the house and cable laying for the generator.
Tools with a Mission (TWAM)
Link: Christine Spencer
News in brief:
  • We are organising a collection day for tools on Saturday 4th July from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • Tools for carpentry, building, agricultural work, car mechanics, electricians, plumbers are all welcome, as are sewing and knitting machines, haberdashery items, desktop and laptop computers.  We hope to see some of you.  For more information go to or phone 01953 602692
Rachel Spencer
News in brief:
‘After six weeks of lockdown things are opening up again here in France, and little by little life is starting to get back to normal. Last weekend my church enjoyed getting together for an outdoor service - fortunately the weather stayed warm and sunny for us, although the rain rolled in later that evening! 
A change to the eligibility criteria a couple of weeks ago meant that I was able to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last week. A number of my friends and teammates have also been vaccinated and so we will soon be able to get together safely. 
Over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to restart the Bible study group that we had begun before lockdown. I've been able to get hold of a copy of Luke's gospel in Uzbek, which is my muslim friend Irene's first language. Please pray that Irene will be excited to read the Word of God in her own language and for good conversations to come from what she reads.’


Nicki Waterworth, 25/05/2021