In a tangle!!

Picture for In a Tangle

 In one of our church services recently we were invited to have a time of silence in which we could reflect and enjoy prayer; because of time restraints we were given ten minutes to be still, listen and talk to God.
Well, I don’t know about you, but at first I thought ten minutes seemed to be a long time to be quiet and still. So we entered this time together as a fellowship and as we bowed our heads I wondered  ……… did I lock the house up when I left this morning?, did I leave the lights on?, and did I finish my toast? Such questions came to my mind, but as I started to get into the silence I found I enjoyed the peace it brought. Yes, and I even found myself praying!
Then it all started to happen, all sorts of people, events, situations, family, illness, and other thoughts for prayer came tumbling through my mind. Funny the things that come to mind, but the picture I had was of Christmas lights all in a tangle and going every which way!
But then I realised that Jesus was hearing all our prayers, mine included and He hears them all and untangles them and makes our confused prayers beautiful for our Heavenly Father to hear.
Our Father knows our hearts and He loves to hear our prayers, because He wants us to have a real heartfelt relationship with Him.
There is an old chorus which says:
“Prayer changes things, prayer changes things,
They who pray shall mount up as on eagle’s wings.
Prayer changes things, prayer changes things.
Day by day then let us pray,
For prayer changes things.

Vic,Ray,Cathy,Mary, 15/01/2023