January 2021 Update

 Outreach and Mission update: January 2021

Link: Paul Smith
News in brief:
  • Paul and Emma shared their Vision for our church with all the fellowship on Sunday 24th January giving us lots to think, talk and pray about. Please contact the office or any of the leadership team if you would like a Vision pack and have not yet received one.
Prayer suggestions:
  • Lots needed!! …..
  • Use Gill’s prayer for ourselves and our fellowship:
Heavenly Father, as we come to the start of a new year, we pray that you will go before us and guide us and lead us in the ways that we should go.
With life so full of uncertainty, we pray that you will keep us close to Yourself. Keep us holding onto you and trusting in your promises.
As we look forward with regard to the outreach and the vision of our church, we pray that you will show us how to reach out to others, how to show your love to all that need it and how to be your light in our community. We pray you will give us the wisdom to know how to do these things in such unprecedented circumstances.
We pray that you will guide us as individuals and as a church, that we will be sensitive to each other’s needs and able to support each other.
Help us to grab hold of the vision for WBC during this coming year and help us to truly listen to what you are saying to us. We pray you will draw us closer to you, that we will all deepen our relationship with you and that you will bless us in ways we have not even imagined.

Roots Community Café
Link: Emma Smith
News in brief:
  • We are planning on restarting the lunch boxes next week. Emma has been in contact with the families we supported during the first lockdown and most of them have said they would definitely benefit from us continuing. 
Prayer suggestions:
  • We would value prayer to help keep everyone safe whilst doing them, for the families receiving them and for God to provide the necessary support to enable us to help them. Roots hasn’t been open for a while which means we haven’t been adding any money into the bank account. 
Café Church
Link: Grace Burke
News in brief:
  • Grace has had a brief email exchange with the team and they are planning to return to the film sessions we had planned for 2020, as soon as it is safe to do so. We were doing the 2nd Sunday of every odd month (Jan, March, May....)
  •  Cafe church may be one of the last things WBC returns to, because it requires sharing refreshments and being close to together with people we don’t know. Therefore, I think it's more likely we'll return in July or Sept.
Prayer suggestions:
  • For God’s guidance as to the right time to restart
Girl Guides
Link: Ramona Chenery
News in brief:
  • First Zoom meeting for quite a few months will be taking place for the Guide pack on Monday 8th February
Prayer suggestions:
  • For both the Leaders and the Guides…that this first meeting will be a real joy and blessing to them all
Megan and Alan Barker, the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) missionaries who we support.
Link: Jane Poyntz
News in brief:
  • Alan and Megan are finishing their time in Nepal in April. They were due to return there for their final few months before having some time off to then ‘psychologically’ leave Nepal.
  •  However, as with so many countries due to the current Covid strain, Nepal has closed its doors to anyone coming from the UK. So, we are again on hold.
  • BMS have rebooked them on the first available alternative flight which is Feb 1st, but even that is not certain as they first need Nepal to open its doors to the UK.
  • Thinking even further ahead, we are in discussion with BMS about our new role, which is still being developed as it is also a new role within BMS. So far what we do know is that we will be supporting BMS partners across Asia, although exactly what that will involve and where we will be based is still to be decided. However, there is time as the planned start for this new role is autumn 21.
 Prayer requests:
  • That we might be able to get back to Nepal soon and definitely before March 14th
  • For all the packing up and goodbyes
  • That, along with others in BMS, we will get a clearer picture of our future roles
  • For Dorothy, that she will continue to grow into her role of Occupational Therapy lead in INF
  • For ongoing good family links until we can finally get to see each other again and for opportunities to visit our family in South Korea and Vietnam
  • Praying for you all for wisdom and safety as we appreciate, as always, your prayers for us
Falconer Trust
Link: Neil Starling
News in brief:
  • Brian and Margaret, 2 of the volunteers have had spells in hospital with Covid. It is a great relief that they are home and improving.
  • There are recent reports of 7 Covid cases near the Falconer Home in Kabompo, the nearest town. This is of great concern as the healthcare is so poor and basic that there is little help for anyone contracting disease.
  • Simon and his team are currently building a small building to contain the new generator as it is too big to go in the old generator house.
  • 2 new toddlers arrived in December: Joseph and Moses
  • Paperwork issues over customs exemption have finally been sorted out and before Christmas, the first batch of parcels since March were delivered.
Prayer requests:
  • Thanks that both Neil and his family and Brian and Margaret are now recovering from the virus.
  • Thanks for answered prayer: the arrival of the generator and the resolving of the customs problems.
  • Prayers for the 2 little toddlers
  • Prayers for protection of the Falconer Home, its staff and children in the face of Covid
Tools with a Mission (TWAM)
Link: Christine Spencer
News in brief: (taken from the TWAM January newsletter)
  • Despite all the restrictions of 2020, TWAM still managed to dispatch 12 containers filled with nearly 8000 tool kits and machines.
  • One of the great lessons of 2020 has been the confirmation that tools provide people with a resilience to survive almost anything.
  • It has been an encouragement to see the impact of the tools and the ingenious ways groups have found to support their communities, including making facemasks and soap.
Prayer suggestions:
  • Prayers as they plan a year of growth and recovery.
  • ‘I’m convinced: You (God) can do anything and everything. Nothing and no-one can upset your plans.’
Job 42:2 (The Message)
Windmill House
Link: Jan Hodges
News in brief:
  •  A number of Pabulum members (Pabulum is a Dementia Support Group in Wymondham) who lived at Windmill House have died but the news comes without any further details.
  • One encouraging thing that was in the local press- 'Dementia Ambassador Jack Brock,' the miniature Shetland pony recently visited with his owner and met some residents.
Prayer requests:
  • Continue to pray for the residents and staff and their families. Visiting restrictions have put a great strain on families unable to see loved ones.
Food Bank
Link: Jan Hodges
News in brief:
  • Norwich Foodbank continues to operate all distribution entirely from the warehouse where extra space has been made available.
  • In 2020 almost 14,900 food parcels were delivered (a 22% increase on 2019). They benefitted from generous donations of fresh food and other gifts from supermarkets and other companies - the regular food parcels only contain non-perishable foods to feed each person for 3 days.
  • Donations of food and toiletries can still be made via some supermarkets -there are other charities also doing supermarket collections - for example Waitrose in Wymondham shares donations between foodbank and the Community project run by the Catholic Church. At present supermarkets are being asked to hold on to donations as the warehouse is full.
  • Foodbank is looking to recruit another paid member of staff to work with Hannah.
  • We have been able to forward to Hannah another email request made by a local person (she responds very promptly) but the work of supporting individuals and families continues.
  • Please go to the Norwich Foodbank website for more information
Prayer suggestions:
  • Thanks for the commitment of Hannah Worsley, the project manager in Norwich and all the volunteers
  • That the right person will be found to work with Hannah
  • For the families being helped
  • For continued financial provision
Rachel Spencer
News in brief:
  • GOOD NEWS! Rachel has found a flat in a quiet part of the town in which their project is based. She will be moving in at the beginning of February.
  • When she went to visit, the first thing Rachel saw was a poster quoting Galatians 5, the Fruits of the Spirit. The owners are Christian and were thrilled to offer Rachel the flat when they heard about her work.
  • Rachel is thankful, too, for all the prayers and support during her flat hunt
Prayer requests
  • Praise God for His wonderful provision and faithfulness
  • Please pray for the next few weeks to go smoothly as Rachel packs up and organises everything, especially as she also  has a Masters assignment deadline two days before the move!  
  • Please also pray that this flat will be a place of blessing to each person who will pass through the door in the months and years to come.
Town Team
Links: Doug Hodges, Ramona Chenery, Tracy Westlake
News in brief:
  • A small team were able to put up some Christmas lights in the town and managed to get them down just before this latest lockdown.
  • Thanks to WBC for the use of storage space until everything gets back to normal.
  • The next Town Team meeting was on 25th January but no events planned for the foreseeable future
  • Individual members of the Town Team are involved in making deliveries for some shops/the shielding/self - isolating but nothing group wide.
Prayer suggestions:
  • The Christmas lights were smaller but beautiful and made the town look so pretty for a difficult Christmas. Thanks for our Town Team and for all their work in serving our community


Nicki Waterworth, 14/02/2021