Phew!  It's hot

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 I was listening the other day to an interview with the lady who is a presenter on Radio Four’s gardening programme. One of the things she talked about was the state of people’s lawns and grass areas. She encouraged us all by being quite definite about the fact that when we have some rain the grass will spring back to life and really green up. I’m not sure, however, that our garden will look anything like Wimbledon Centre Court, but just to have the green back will be great. I’m happy because there is not enough space in my garden for a tennis court anyway!
It's funny how our memories and minds work, because I’m sure that, come next January, on a cold, wet and rainy day, we would scarcely be able to remember the hot summer of ’22. Sadly, our heating bills will soar, and the thought of light brown grass will pale into insignificance.!
But, take heart, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’. Psalm 24. God is in charge, and he has the plan for our earth and for you and for me.
Psalm 24 goes on to say in verse 10, ‘Who is this King of Glory? The Lord Almighty – He is the King of Glory’.
‘The earth is the Lord’s’ – so don’t worry, He has the whole world in His hands, including your dried-up grass. Rejoice, He is the God of restoration.

Vic,Ray,Cathy,Mary, 14/08/2022